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Tell Your Story

    I will work with you to tell your story and preserve and publish it as a lovely, impressive book for future generations.  I have written seven biographies, eight autobiographies, three lifetime love stories (about wonderful marriages), one full family history...and assisted many individuals in writing and publishing their own books.  It is what I love to do.

    Every individual's life is unique, filled with drama, humor, love, family, challenges to overcome, high points and low,

and ultimately the striving to live a fulfilling life.

    I spend many months interviewing you to make sure I get the full story.  And I always try to make sure we have an enjoyable time

so we both look forward to each session.

   Every single person I've worked with offers a glowing recommendation.

    Your finished book will be thorough, professional, distinctive, impressive and entertaining. 

    I also interview friends, family members and business associates and do thorough research.  We can even hire a  professional genealogist,

if you wish.

      Art direction includes as many photos as you want to use, handsome layouts and elegant type. We can either use a hard cover format with foil stamping and a faux leather surface (to create an enduring "family treasure" look)

or an exciting, full color, photographic or illustrated soft cover paperback.

   Your choice. 

   Your finished book will be greatly admired.

     I also assist people who wish to write their own book, including all story planning, coaching, full editorial services and publishing. If we work together, you will finish your book. Each person I've assisted in writing their own book has been delighted with the outcome.

     Take a moment to look at some of the books I've written.  (Select the "About" section at the top of the page for a summary of each of my projects.)  Every single past customer is a reference (except, sadly, for a few who have passed on). 

   I will be happy to visit you to discuss what you want to accomplish.

    David Wilk Biographer

Santa Barbara - Ventura - Los Angeles - San Francisco
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   Biographies tell about a person's life and capture the high points, events and people that make it special.  We might start with a huge event in your life, perhaps a turning point that steered you into your future direction.  Then we might backtrack to your family's history, your youth and school years, then to launching your first career, meeting your wife, starting your family and special events from later in life.

   What made you what you are?  What lessons did you learn?  What philosophies came to be foremost in your life and accomplishments?

    Your life is different from any other person who ever lived.  You cannot imagine the thrill your family and future descendants receive when they get to reflect on it long into the future.

   [Biography Santa Barbara,    Biography Ventura,    Biography Los Angeles,    Biography San Francisco]

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   Autobiographies have all the elements of a biography, but are told in the first person with you as the narrator. It is your life story with everything in your viewpoint.  All the events are told in your words and your personal thoughts and observations are addressed by you.

   I can serve as your ghost writer or assist you in all the assorted ways to write your book yourself...then publish it.

    David Wilk, Biographer

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Family Histories

All of my books cover family history, but we can write an entire book about your family's origins, if you wish.  We have traced families back to 14th century England, 16th century Germany and to coming to America on the Mayflower.

    We can also employ a professional genealogist to assist researching your family.

    Biographies Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Francisco

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Assistance With Your Own Book

I can help you write your own book in all the ways you need.  We can start with story planning, then chapter plotting, assistance

with your writing, editing, photo selection and editing, book layout and/or publishing your book.  This is your book and I am here to make it easier for you. 

    Imagine your pride and your family's thrill when YOUR book is in their hands.

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Book Samples: Biography

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Give Me Time

Doug Halter's moving autobiography traces the origins of AIDS and how it snuffed out the young lives of so many he loved dearly. Then this fast-paced book goes on to chronicle Doug's great success in landscaping and how he helped restore his beloved Ventura California's historical downtown district, built landmark homes and worked to rejuvenate Ventura's art scene .


My Wild and Precious Life

Cynder Sinclair worked to assist struggling farm workers in California's Central Valley by creating a non-profit source to provide food, clothing and religious services. It was such a success that she did it again in a nearby town...then ran a number of different non-profits, becoming something of a legend in her ultimate home of Santa Barbara, California. Cynder's exciting autobiography chronicles her business successes, family history, comedy and tragedy, her adventure lifestyle and how she found the love of her life.

Bill Heller interior shot.jpg

    Your life story, told well

is nothing less than amazing


Drought and Flood

Mike's Hoovers definitive book about Santa Barbara's water history

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Dr. Richard Caleel.jpg

Here is an interior photo from an autobiography I helped write, FIRST GENERATION, by Dr. Richard Caleel.

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of a Lifetime Love Story

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